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For anyone who needs to receive and share multiple documents for review.

Project proposals, grant applications, manuscripts, journal articles, screenplays, playscripts: whatever the document, TextShelf keep entries organized and on schedule. TextShelf was originally built for an annual playwriting contest: the Jane Chambers Award for new feminist plays by women playwrights. Previously, the contest took many hours to administer: hundreds of envelopes would arrive at the office and inbox at deadline. Contest organizers would: track the entries with spreadsheets--collecting titles, author names and contact information-- distribute playscripts to readers, collect feedback, select entries for further review, and repeat for several rounds until winners were selected.
TextShelf was designed to make each step of the review as easy as possible. You can try it here for free.
Our aim: simplify submission management and give organizers more time to focus on content.


Q: Can't I use my email inbox to do this?
A: When you need to organize and track large numbers of submissions, you and your email inbox can quickly get overwhelmed. This is a tailor-made solution.

Q: What about cloud storage services?
A. Storage services are good for receiving and keeping files, but are clumsy at keeping track of entries as they go through a review process. We came up with a better way: cloud storage crafted specifically to handle file review processes.

Q: Would it be safer to store everything on my computer or my department's server?
A: There are security issues around receiving large numbers of user submitted files. We think the best practice is to store submitted documents on a secured third party site. We employ reliable, industry-standard AWS S3 storage for this purpose.

Q: Can I try it before subscribing?
A: Yes, try it free for two weeks to see if this meets your needs. The trial allows you to upload documents, receive documents from others, invite co-organizers and reviewers, and access entry management tools. By subscribing you gain options for setting submission deadlines, and for receiving larger files.

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