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About the Award

The Jane Chambers Playwriting Award recognizes new feminist plays and performance texts created by women and genderqueer writers for the stage that present a feminist perspective and contain significant opportunities for female performers. We welcome plays that experiment with form and/or that feature non-binary characters. This annual award is given in memory of lesbian playwright Jane Chambers who, through her plays A Late Snow, Last Summer at Bluefish Cove, My Blue Heaven, Kudzu, and The Quintessential Image, became a major feminist voice in American theatre.

See past award winners.

This award is administered by the Women and Theatre Program (WTP). The Chair of the Chambers Award Committee notifies the VP for Awards and Executive Director of the winner.

Authors and nominators need not be ATHE members. Self-nominations are welcome. In order to be considered plays should have been written recently but do not need to have premiered. However, to qualify as “new” for this contest, any premiere or publication needs to have occurred no more than 18 months prior to the submission deadline. Playwrights may submit only one play per year.

A shortlist of finalists will be publicized on the ATHE website by early June, followed by the announcement of the Winner by July 1, annually. The winner will receive an award of $1K from the WTP Program, up to $500 towards travel expenses (reimbursement), conference registration, two nights in the conference hotel from ATHE, and a one-year membership in the Dramatists Guild.

Student Submissions should be sent separately and directly to the Student Coordinator per the WTP website and student guidelines. All guidelines must be followed–including sending the play to the current coordinator’s address–to be considered.

For questions about the Jane Chambers Playwriting Award, contact Subcommittee Chairs Jennifer-Scott Mobley and Maya Roth, or,  if you are signed in, via the 'contact' link above.

For Information about the Student Jane Chambers Award, please contact the student coordinator.